What does this mean?
The gift

Natural Skin Care Products
by Naamah Int'l Corp.

Naamah ™...the name means gift!  From the Valley of the Kings, comes a gift as precious to your skin as the ageless Nile waters to the ancient Egyptians.

Queen Nefertari The formulas that helped keep the skin of the great beauties of ancient Egypt, like Queen Nefertari and Queen Cleopatra, healthy and free from the signs of aging have been designed for use by your entire family. Naamah™ natural skin care products are a perfect, low-cost solution for vibrant, glowing skin for men, women and children. All Naamah™ formulas restore and maintain the moisture critical to healthy, beautiful skin, exfoliate dead skin, and visibly soften the lines and wrinkles brought about by time.

So treat yourself and your whole family to the pleasures of smooth, supple, lustrous skin at any age. Try Naamah™ today for a radiant tomorrow!

Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.

Queen Cleopatra


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