Frequently Asked Questions

With Naamah™ products you truly see a difference in your skin – almost immediately. Just take a look at some Naamah™ customers who’ve experienced results firsthand.
Q: I work with my hands, regularly exposing them to harsh substances. Can your Hand & Body Quencher help relieve the irritation?
A: Treat your hands while youíre working! The Hand & Body Quencher is a soothing solution for those who expose their hands to harsh substances often, such as manicurists, hair stylists and gardeners. It works by restoring the tissues Ė even while you work. Try it on your hands while wearing gloves and youíll notice the difference quickly.
Q: I have psoriasis. Is there anything you can do to offer my skin some relief?
A: Besides treating severe dry skin, Naamah™ís Hand & Body Quencher has been known to soothe the itching and irritation, and reduce the redness that results from psoriasis. Some customers have also noted that the formula relieves the itch from insect bites, calms skin irritated by skin cancer, and helps blood circulation in people with diabetes.
Q: My husband has very dry, callused, and irritated feet. How will your Foot Rejuvenator help?
A: Naamah™ Foot Rejuvenator both softens and disinfects distressed feet, returning them to their healthy pinkish color. Itís tough to find another such solution at your local drugstore. Reflexologists and massage therapists attest to its excellent use as a massage oil for the entire body. Works also on the elbows and knees!
Q: What makes your Massage Ointment different from others?
A: Naamah™ Massage Ointment helps circulate the blood and produces heat, causing muscles and skin to relax. Its non-slippery quality allows you to hold onto the muscle more easily, for a more deeply penetrating treatment. Both massage therapists and recipients attest to its moisturizing properties as well. It can also be used as a light moisturizer in bath water, or as a polish on the arms and legs when you donít need a heavy moisturizer.
Q: Does the Naamah™ Clean & Glow also serve as a makeup remover?
A: Absolutely! The Naamah™ Clean & Glow is the only facial cleanser you need. It gently, but deeply removes surface substances, and cleans and opens pores. You may leave it on for 10-15 minutes or longer as a facial mask for deeper cleaning.
Q: Many astringents leave my face feeling tight and dried out. How is your Fresh & Glow different?
A: Naamah™ Fresh & Glow doesnít have any of the harsh chemicals typically found in astringents. The natural ingredients gently freshen skin and tighten pores, without drying. It works even over makeup as a cool mid-day treat for your skin. Or try it to soothe shaving irritation on legs, face or underarms.
Q: There are so many natural facial moisturizers on the market. How is the Naamah™ Innovative Facial Glow different?
A: Like other natural moisturizers, Naamah™ Innovative Facial Glow has all natural ingredients that provide superb moisturizing, but it also has antiseptic properties that help relieve blemishes and small cuts and abrasions. You can also use it on the entire face, neck and chest, so you donít have to buy a separate product to treat trouble spots, such as dark circles, puffy eyes, or character lines around the mouth and eyes.
Q: I snow ski frequently in the winter. Is your Lip Revitalizer strong enough to protect my lips out on the slopes?
A: The Naamah™ Lip Revitalizer is all youíll need for your lips out on the slopes, in the winter, or any time of year. The macademia nut oil in the balm retains moisture in the lips through cold, wind and sun. It also brings out a natural pinkish color in your lips.

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