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About Naamah Int'l Corp.

From Home Remedy To International Solution

From determination and an ordinary kitchen blender, came an international skin care success. Naamah, president of Naamah Int’l Corp., lives in Colorado, which shares the similar harsh dryness of her native Egypt. With the passing of time, fine lines and wrinkles began to appear on her own face and she noticed her skin became dry and dull. Why did her ancestors, who lived in such a severe climate, enjoy wonderful complexions and still escape the telltale signs of the passing of time?

Passed down from her own family in Egypt, Naamah had used a magnificent home remedy to keep her feet soft and supple. She became determined to reformulate it so others could use it and began with an ordinary blender right in her kitchen. From the beginning, Naamah insisted on using only natural ingredients: no alcohol, no oils, no petroleum-based products and no harsh chemicals. More than 100 variations later, Naamah found her formula – a creation that renewed Naamah’s own facial glow and reduced fine lines. This was more than the fifty-something grandmother ever thought possible.

In November 1997, she formed Naamah Int’l Corp. From that first formula, Naamah™ has expanded its line to eight products – a move driven by fans of the original formula. Loyal customers from all over the country and in Iran, Cyprus, Austria and even Egypt now write to Naamah about the remarkable results they’ve seen with Naamah™ products.

About Naamah, president of Naamah™ Int’l Corp.
Naamah, whose name means “gift,” has truly given thousands the gift of healthy, radiant skin. A native of Cairo, Egypt, Naamah grew up using natural remedies to keep her and her family healthy both inside and out. More than 30 years ago, she moved to Colorado, where she raised four children and pursued a career as a business instructor. Always gifted in helping others with their problems, she also studied counseling and lent her ear as a volunteer with victims of domestic violence. After suffering two traffic accidents within three weeks back in 1993, Naamah was forced to quit her job at Denver Technical College. But she found a new mission in the quest to reformulate a family home remedy into a formula others could use. Her labor of love has helped countless people regain the soft, supple skin of their youths. She continues listening to her customers’ needs and desires. “This is where my heart is, giving them what they really want,” she says.