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You asked and Naamah™ responded. With your comments and suggestions, we have created remarkable formulas to meet even more of your skin care needs.

Innovative Facial Glow
Our remarkable Facial Glow is now even better! We’ve reformulated our highly effective facial lotion to create a lighter, more refined formula that works with just about any skin type.

Bring out your skin’s natural radiance with Innovative Facial Glow, which combines centuries of wisdom on maintaining healthy and young skin. With the healing and purifying properties of aloe vera, tea tree oil, iodine and other exotic oils, the Innovative Facial Glow renews facial skin by eliminating dead cells, tightening pores, diminishing fine lines, reducing the skin’s sensitivity and restoring its natural balance. Much more than a moisturizer, the lotion also works on the sensitive eye areas, lifting eyelids, and reducing the appearance of dark undereye circles and puffiness. It’s also effective on blemishes and scars, and after shaving.

Begin by dotting 1-2 drops over entire face and neck (individual needs can vary). Then smooth into the delicate eye areas, inward underneath the eyes and outward on the lids. Your skin will feel softer immediately and you’ll notice a new healthy glow within just 10 minutes. With this innovative formula, your face and neck will look beautiful and glowing at any age!

In response to customer needs, Naamah™ introduces two complements to your skin care regimen: Clean & Glow and Fresh & Glow. Now, Naamah™ has your complete skin care solution!

Clean & Glow
Clean skin is healthy and glowing. Naamah™ Clean & Glow gently removes dirt and makeup, while preserving the skin’s natural oils. With the naturally soothing, antiseptic properties of aloe vera, glycerin, almond and macadamia nut oils, sage, tea tree oil and St. John’s Wort, your skin will feel moisturized and look smooth and supple. To experience naturally beautiful skin, start with Naamah™ Clean & Glow. For a complete skin care program follow with Naamah™ Fresh & Glow and Naamah™ Innovative Facial Glow. Also try Naamah™ Clean & Glow as a facial mask by leaving it on for 5-15 minutes. You will feel the difference!

Fresh & Glow
After Naamah™ Clean & Glow, or anytime you want to feel refreshed, Naamah™ Fresh & Glow is the perfect pick-me-up for your face. Fresh & Glow normalizes the pH balance of your skin while tightening pores for a more youthful appearance. This invigorating toner uses renowned natural healing and antiseptic herbs like aloe vera, cucumber, sage, rosemary, bayberry, coneflower and tea tree oil. Also soothing as an aftershave or for underarm shaving cuts. After washing or anytime your skin feels warm or dry, pat a couple drops of Fresh & Glow over entire face and neck. Even over makeup, Fresh & Glow will give your face a refreshing lift all day long.

Lip Revitalizer
Properly nourished lips are moist and smooth. Naamah™ Lip Revitalizer contains exotic natural ingredients like macadamia nut oil, beeswax, and vitamins A and E to nourish, heal and protect your lips. Winter or summer, this balm gives your lips a healthy pink glow and a soft, silky feel.

Coming Soon
Naamah™ constantly works on new solutions to all your skin care needs. Here’s a peek at what’s coming soon.

Body Wash—A daily body wash for luxuriously soft skin from head to toe.

A Refined Hand & Body Quencher—Soon, your favorite Naamah™ Hand & Body Quencher will come in a gentler, more refined and lighter formula – as well as in exotic new fragrances.

Keep watching for more great Naamah™ products!

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